Whoever said Australia isn’t a superpower should come outback.

From coastal rainforests to the Red Centre, our challenging climate tends to weed out all but the most vital plants. The Indigenous peoples of this land have long known the benefits of the natives our products feature.

Leif reflects Australia, its sunny outlook and obscure flora. We hero key native ingredients with a supporting cast of essential oils and extracts to bring out their best in products that offer their own natural selection.

Our clean formulations are vegan, cruelty-free and made in Australia. They are gentle enough for frequent use and suit all skin types. Free from...



Sensitising soaps

Mineral oil fillers

Animal testing

Our Message is the Bottle

For two decades we’ve designed cosmetics packaging for others, this is our own. It all began as a form study, friends would often comment on a model of a fine-necked bottle that sat in the studio.

Eventually we thought about filling it ourselves. It sounds back-to-front, but our formulas were developed to deliver on a promise that had already taken shape.

As Container, we work with our clients on creating unique packaging that adds to a product’s appeal. Leif is that idea in manifest, but it is only once the package has been filled that it truly comes to life.