'Holiday is a time to just be, and I think nature is the ultimate destination' – Evi O

This season we have collaborated with artist and designer Evi O to bring the holiday spirit to life.

Evi’s abstract eye and curious mind surveyed the history and current state of native Australian animals, some endangered, some dangerous, all captivating, and painted them in an imagined, whimsical paradise that is holiday. Through bold shapes and colour, nine Limited Edition gift sets each portray a unique animal which is revealed upon opening. Festive graphics in gold holographic foil add shine to the fantastical collection.

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Meet the Artist

Evi O is a multi-disciplinary designer and self-taught artist based in Sydney.

Through paint, she explores the use of bold shapes to relay the exploration and observation of her surroundings. Her works with colour depict people, places and scenes in a way that is broadly suggestive and abstract.

'Colour is a really effective vehicle to convey feelings' – Evi O

Evi also runs a design practice that exposes her to 3D forms, bringing a unique dimension to her artworks. Both channels of creativity allow her to push the boundaries of art and design, in a world where the term ‘contemporary’ has no limits.

Wrap for wildlife

The artistic process brought to light the number of endangered animals inhabiting in Australia, leading to the idea of offering a Gift Wrap Set that supports conservation.

Three sheets of wrapping paper designed by Evi come with five gift stickers for $10.

Covering almost 2% of Australia's total land mass, AWC delivers effective conservation of all Australian native animal species and the habitats in which they live. 100% of the sale of each Gift Wrap Set will be donated to support the work of Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

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The artworks presented on each gift set were selected from an ambitious 48-piece series by Evi which was exhibited at Saint Cloche Gallery between December 6 - 11.