A festive exploration of shape and colour.

Artist Bobby Clark has made her mark on the contemporary art scene with her distinctive geometric paintings. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, her works are simplistic with hidden depth and emotions.

Bobby Clark x LEIF presents nine limited edition gift sets featuring bold, expressive shapes adorned with texture and colour.

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We sat down with Bobby to discuss her practice, methods for staying motivated and creativity in Australia.

A day in the life…

People are very important to my practice. Being an artist is a very insular and lonely process so my connection with the people around me and their stories inspire and lift my energy to produce work. My process is methodical and repetitive, I need that to have the freedom to work. I don’t plan my works. I have a vision or an idea and I let my intuition carry the process of building the compositions, palette and feel of the painting.

Talk colour…

Colours follow me, I start to notice a particular colour, a specific tone and then see it everywhere! My favourite colour is blue, bright ultramarine, but I go through obsessive phases with colour. I also love gold, I’ve been a magpie for golden things.

How do you find beauty in art?

There is so much beauty in art, all you have to do is look. Art and beauty is everywhere. Not just in art galleries but on street walls and in the scribbles of my son. Kids art is often my favourite because it has such freedom and expression.

Motivation talks…

Never stop learning! I love finding new artists and researching the history of art and techniques of the great masters. Whenever I have creative block I stop and get outside, go to my favourite galleries (Heide MOMA and NGV) to find something new.